Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water

Cucumber, lemon, and mint water is refreshing and will keep you hydrated all day long. It also has some great health benefits and takes only 5 minutes to make!


How to make cucumber, lemon and mint water

Making infused water is easy and quick. All you need to do is thinly cut up your cucumber, lemon and add your fresh mint to a large pitcher and let it chill in the fridge for at least an hour.

Letting the water infuse at room temp for about 2 hours will help the flavors infuse faster. Just be sure not to forget about it!

The longer you let the water infuse the better the flavor will be. Try to make this the night before and let it chill overnight. I also recommend using a glass pitcher.

Lemons are acidic and just like acids can ruin our teeth, it will also ruin the plastic. So if you don’t want to ingest plastic, use glass. If you are also concerned about your teeth I would suggest using a straw.

Cucumber, lemon, and mint water

Cucumber and lemon water benefits

  • More vitamins and minerals to your daily water intake
  • Tasty water that makes you want to keep drinking more, keeping your body hydrated
  • A healthy substitute for sugary drinks like orange juice and soda
  • Could help with weight loss. Lemons contain pectin, which is known to help decrease your appetite
  • Cucumbers contain some key vitamins – like vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium and more
Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water

Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water

Prep Time 10 mins
Chill 1 hr
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • ½ large cucumber thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon thinly sliced
  • 8 cups water 2 liters
  • 3-5 mint sprigs


  • Thinly slice your cucumber and lemon
  • Add the cucumber, lemon, mint, and water to your pitcher
  • Let it chill for at least an hour for the flavors to infuse and enjoy!

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